CNN Sets New Standard Online in Leads Competition

2009 was a watershed year for CNN Digital. As part of the unveiling of the new, CNN harnessed the full power of CNN’s reporting to web users in a stunning, visually charged online experience and continued to hold the No. 1 position among ALL News and Information sites in several key metrics.

• No. 1 in Time Spent Watching Video: averaging 304.5 million minutes a month, beating No. 2 MSNBC Digital by 10.6 million minutes and No. 3 Yahoo! News by 140.8 million minutes.

• No. 1 in Total Usage Minutes: averaging 1.3 billion total usage minutes per month, 22% ahead of No. 2 Wikipedia.

• No. 1 in Share: 9% average monthly, beating No. 2 Wikipedia by 2 points.
• No. 1 in Page Views: averaging 1.7 billion a month, beating the nearest competitor, Wikipedia by more than 50%.

When compared to the websites of its cable and network news competitors, CNN continues to attract a larger audience than any other TV news brand on the Internet.

• No. 1 in Unique Audience: For the past 6 months, CNN Digital has averaged 38.1 million unique users, more than 2 million ahead of MSNBC Digital and 21.5 million more than Fox News Digital.

• No. 1 in Time Per Person: 33 minutes on average per month, 31% more than Fox News Digital and 77% ahead of MSNBC Digital.

• No. 1 in Global Video Streams – average 117.5 million streams per month, beating No. 2 MSNBC Digital by 3.7 million streams.

On Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 2009, set a record for largest live video event in Internet history when it served 1.3 million concurrent streams. Altogether, served 27 million live streams served globally on that day, making it the largest day in history. (Source: CNN Internal Video Server data) CNN Digital was also the No. 1 news and information site in total minutes with 97 million and unique visitors with 11 million on Jan. 20, 2009. (Source: Nielsen Online Custom Daily for 1/20/09)

On July 7, the day of Michael Jackson’s memorial service, served 10.5 million live video streams globally and an additional 9 million on-demand video streams, making it the second largest day for video usage in’s history. On that day, CNN Digital was also the Internet’s No. 1 news and information property with 62 million total minutes and 7.3 million unique visitors, according to Nielsen. (Source: Nielsen Online Custom Daily for 07/07/09)

CNN Digital has also remained the number one mobile news site for nearly three consecutive years according to Nielsen Mobile Media View (Source: Nielsen Mobile Media View – November 2009).

CNN Mobile averaged 11.8 million unique visitors per month in the global news and current events category, beating the nearest competitor, Yahoo! News by 127%. (Source: Nielsen Mobile MediaView – Jan – Nov. 2009)
Building on CNN’s incredible momentum in the mobile space, the company launched the CNN App for the iPhone and iPod Touch in Sept. 2009. In addition to numerous accolades from users and press alike, the CNN App was the No. 1 Top Paid app for 6 days straight, the No. 1 Top Grossing app for 7 days straight and has been the No. 1 Paid News app since its launch. Additionally, the CNN App for the iPhone and iPod Touch has been named best news app by Macworld and Laptop Magazines.

In addition to CNN’s overall traffic success online, 2009 proved to be the best year ever for CNN iReport, the network’s user-generated news community. In total, received more than 203,000 iReport submissions in 2009, a 21% increase compared to 2008. (Source: iReport Server Log Data)

CNN Digital has the most engaged and participative user base of any online news property. According to Nielsen Online, CNN Digital’s iReport is the No. 1 citizen journalism site online. (Nielsen Online Custom, September ’09)

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  1. By what means were the number of pageviews measured? Wikimedia’s own statistics put it at over 5 billion page views per month for the English language alone, and certainly most Internet popularity rankings put Wikipedia far ahead of CNN.