Mindshare Announces New Management Structure for Europe

Dominic Proctor, Mindshare’s Global CEO, has announced a new structure to manage and develop the company in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Instead of having a single point of leadership, the region has been split into three distinct clusters, each of which will be managed separately and will report to Proctor.

The Regional Leaders are all current Mindshare executives: Christof Baron, Jed Glanvill, and Ton Schoonderbeek. Each will take on additional markets on top of their current responsibilities (Germany, UK, Benelux respectively). Crucially this move will be mirrored by their CFOs as the roles will be fully responsible and accountable for the markets in each cluster. Together they will form a European Management Group alongside Proctor, EMEA CFO Dianne Buchanan and Chief Strategy Officer Nick Emery.

Baron will add Austria, Switzerland and the Central and Eastern European (CEE) markets to his responsibilities in Germany. Glanvill remains CEO of Mindshare UK and adds Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal and South Africa to his remit. Schoonderbeek adds the Nordic region to his current Benelux brief and other markets such as Italy, Turkey and Russia will continue to report directly.

“It is impossible for one person to effectively manage 42 markets in EMEA,” said Proctor. “There are not enough days in the year to make a real difference to any of them. Conventional regional structures in Europe no longer work beyond a ceremonial and superficial role. We have moved beyond that.”

He added: “The new structure will allow real leadership, will encourage the movement of talent and best practices throughout the region, will facilitate the implementation of our strategy in every country, will drive growth nationally and regionally, and will be accountable. Mindshare’s competitive advantage has always been the strength of our global network, marketing tools and innovation; this move will take us to the next level.”

Proctor continued: “When you look at this team alongside our international client groups and specialist global groups in Digital, Business Planning, Communication Planning, Trading, Content etc, you see a unique and formidable resource for our clients and markets. Everybody wins with this—the markets get more input, the three Regional Leaders get more experience, the teams beneath them have space to grow, and our clients profit from a stronger network. That is the ultimate goal.”

Source: AAAA

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