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VOA ads new satellite frequencies to power Persian News Network

The Voice of America has added new satellite frequencies to ensure millions of Iranians are able to watch and listen to programs on VOA’s Persian News Network (PNN) in the run-up to Iran’s June 12 presidential elections.

The addition of new satellite paths (on Arabsat Badr-4 and Eutelsat HotBird) comes after viewers flooded PNN with reports of signal interference. VOA officials subsequently confirmed that Iranian authorities have greatly increased jamming in parts of Tehran, the capital, and some other locations.

“Iran is one of the most important countries to which we broadcast,” said Alex Belida, acting director of VOA’s PNN. “Our job is to provide people with objective and balanced information so they can make the best decision possible. The initial response to our new satellite frequencies has been very positive.”

PNN has launched intensive special reporting on Iran’s June 12th presidential election, including “news of the day” campaign reports, background election stories, and analysis of the activities of the country’s four approved presidential candidates.

PNN has the largest combined radio and television audience of all international broadcasters in Iran, with one in four adult Iranians tuning in to a VOA show at least once a week. PNN broadcasts seven hours of television daily, repeated in a 24-hour format, and five hours of radio.

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  1. mohsen says:

    please send me new frequence of voa tv from turksat satellite

  2. Abolfazl says:

    “please send me voa persian TV frequencies, symbolrate & FEC of all satellites for IRAN.

    thank you very mach.

    your’s, eastman.

  3. ali rezaei says:

    please e-mail me the new voa hot bird (1,2,3,4,5) sattelite frequency for gillan,iran.
    i was disconnected with frequency 12225 four days ago .

  4. shirin says:


  5. prof. m. mehrnusch says:

    please send me new frequnce,symbolrate and sid,vpid,audio of voa tv hotbird,eutelsat (13^° east). I am disconnected with frequency 12225,12242 and with symbolrate 16300 and 3700 thank you

  6. sahar says:

    please send me new frequency VOA PERSIAN on Hotbird

  7. kazem says:

    please send to me new freq of voA in Turk sat or in hotbird or arabsat.thanks

  8. Milad says:

    if you have any new frequency of voa pnn please send it to me.

  9. Amir says:

    Satellite Downlink Frequency FEC Symbol Rate Downlink Polarization VC/Service ID
    (26/25.5 Degs East) 11.662 GHz 3/4 27.500 MSym/s V 175
    Nilesat (AB4)
    (7 Deg West) 11.355 GHz 3/4 27.5 MSym/s V 1004
    Telstar 12
    (15 Deg West) 12.608 GHz 3/4 19.279 MSym/s H 6
    (105.5 Deg E) 4.040 GHz 1/2 26.5 MSym/s H 415

  10. LiLi says:

    please send me new frequency of pnn by my gmail. just as a notificatioin in iran using from Hotbird is more freindly and easier therefore it seems more useful you make new frequency by this satelite. we can not see any part of your programme in iran, therefore we do not have any right news about what happen in our country. only and main way for us was your chanel that we could not see that from couple days ago and it is very auwful for us. Please help to us for having your programme and waching that in iran again. as you know right news is the best way for receive to freedom.

  11. Bahram says:

    Has Hotbird transmissions of VOA Persian been discontinued? If not what are the frequencies?

  12. salim says:

    please send me the new frequency of voa persian in hot bird.

  13. salim says:

    please send me the new frequency of voa persian in hot bird
    13.oe hotbird only

  14. ani says:

    plaese send me the new frequency of voa persia for hotbird

  15. Hossein says:

    merci hosein jan, in frequanc sahihe (pnn).

    hosein says:
    September 8, 2009 at 5:49 amhi
    new VOA frequency on
    Hotbird :12241/v/3700….. attention symbol rate is 3700 not 37000 ….
    Nilesat :11355/v/27500

  16. Reza says:

    Can someone please tell me the frequency of VOA OR BBC PERSIAN on any hotbird please!
    Thank you very much,

  17. shervin says:


  18. bilisummaa says:

    how about Ethiopia? why don’t you release on satellite to Ethiopia because the king of Ethiopia Atse Zenawi 1st has jammed it.so, please bring on arabsat to listen.

  19. Hosein says:

    please send me the new frequency of voa persian

  20. Girum Teshome says:

    VOA hotbird(ku band) frequencies
    you get many chanals but change the audio mode,1.2.3.. and change the voic mode R/L at hte defoult search the 4th or 6th raw.

  21. salim himmathi says:

    kindly send me the frequency of voa persian on nile sat 101 thanx

  22. Mohammad-Reza says:

    My question lied to the time of programs-schedules and programing-of the VOA and new frequency of it.

  23. asghar says:

    plz send me new freqency of VOA on hot bird

  24. Kate says:

    Hi everybody, I’m trying to have VOA persian on Hotbird satellite with no success. Do you have any solution?

  25. Hessam says:

    Please send me radio frequencies of VOA and Radio Farda.

  26. nejabi says:

    plz send me new freqency of VOA on hot bird

  27. ali says:

    please send me the new frequency of VOA channel on Hotbird! ( Oct. 2010 from Iran)

  28. Walter says:

    please, somebody sends me the correct NIELSAT / FRQ for VOA Persian News.
    I really appreciate your fast reply!
    Walter Motlagh

  29. maria says:

    please send me new frequency of voa persian on eutelsat w3a

  30. ali 2 says:

    pls. send me freq. of voa on eb2&hotbird

  31. hamid reza farahmand says:

    در حال حاظر كانال فارسي وان در هاتبر قطع و بهw3انتقال يافت و bbc persianهم در ماهواره بدر {عربست} در حال پخش ميباشد .پيروز ايران

    خلــــــــــــــــــــــيــــــــــــــج فـــــــــــــــــــــــارس persai golf

  32. hamid reza farahmand says:

    كانال هاي استاني و مركزي ايران روي ماهواره بدر{عربست}به فركانس
    11900v27500 … 12322v27500 … 1226v27500 ….12265 h27500 … 12303 v 27500 … 12284 v 27500 ….

    در ضمن كانال فارسي وان روي ماهواره w3 هست

    bbc persian ماهواره بدر {عربست}

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